Kidlet Care Daycare offering Child care for Children aged 1 Year Old-Kindergarten

Kidlet Care provide a safe and nurturing environment that allows children to explore and interact with the world around them at their own pace.


Our Staff are dedicated to encouraging, guiding and supporting each child's individual needs and interests. 


KID ZONE Child Care provides a fun, safe and stimulating environment for your children. Children are a product of their environment; it is our objective to create a wholesome, caring and stimulating environment.


Our first priority is SAFETY, in all our program planning, followed by FUN. Children want to enjoy their activities and parents want to know their children are being well cared for.


Staff plan daily activities, games and outside time to keep your child stimulated and occupied. Kidlet Care provide children in care with healthy snacks and meals.


Kidlet Care environment and routine are used to help meet the developmental needs of your child.

The daily routine provides for:

•active and quiet play

•indoor and outdoor play

•group and individual activities

•daily living skills

Typical examples of activities are:

•daily activities both indoors and outdoors to exercise large muscle groups - activities such as dancing, tumbling, walks...

•creative art activities such as painting, gluing and working with play dough

•activities such as playing with sand, water,  dress-up clothes, dolls, blocks and games

•reading, singing and storytelling to practice and develop language skills

•carrying out daily routines for washing resting and toileting to meet the child's individual needs

The day is planned according to age, abilities and unique personalities of each child.

Toys, equipment and furnishings in your family day home are accessible to the children and in sufficient quantity to give your children a variety of activities.



We foster and contribute to the physical, emotional, social, creative, intellectual needs and educational wellbeing of children and youths, through our programs, as we acknowledge our role as advocates for children and families.




Kid Zone strives for Quality Child Care and is an Accreditation Program

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